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At Specialized Turning, we are well versed in machining titanium. Titanium is the preferred metal in many industries including medical and aerospace. We have the know how to handle this tough metal and maximize our machining efficiency. A few factors that contribute to the high cost of titanium involve the high amount of energy required to remove the metal. Once on the tooling floor, machining can be costly. When machining titanium, we must consider some tough restrictions on machining parameters that can affect:

  • Metal removal rates
  • Surface finish quality
  • Dimensional accuracy
  • Tool life (premature tool change vs. expense of regrind)
  • Run time (as compared to machining other types of alloys)
  • General maintenance of machines

Titanium’s Machinability

While finished precision titanium components have may attractive features, some of the properties of titanium that impact its performance when being machined give credence to its classification as being tough to work with. Factors that influence titanium’s machinability are its:

  • Poor conduction of heat, effectively concentrating the heat on the cutting edge and tool face
  • Chemical reactivity, which causes galling, welding, and smearing, all leading to compromising the cutting tool
  • Low modulus of elasticity, requiring heavy cuts, sharp cutting tools, and general system rigidity to mitigate titanium’s “springy” quality
  • Fatigue properties, which can compromise surface integrity
  • Work-hardening characteristics, resulting in a complete absence of “built-up edge”

See How We Work with Titanium

At Specialized Turning, we are expert in machining titanium alloys to produce the best possible quality and value. We use only state-of-the art tooling geometries and coatings to ensure the most economical stock removal rates at the highest speeds—important to avoid damaging work hardening. With our extensive inventory of tooling upfront costs and order processing, costs are minimized.

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