Specialized Turning’s proprietary and unique Quick-Turn production planning system provides timely and accurate information.

Frustrated by waiting days for your requested information on order status?

Specialized Turning delivers peace of mind with every order. As ranked by our customers, our quality and delivery ratings are over 95%. With our proprietary Quick Turn scheduling tool we know the status of each order booked and our current leadtime. Our scheduling process is so accurate at projecting delivery dates that you’ll be amazed at how much time you’ll free up by not having to constantly check on the status of your order. And for those emergency situations—we’ve got you covered as we frequently accommodate our customer’s urgent needs. In short; our goal is to be a virtual extension of your factory and provide you with you with unmatched quality and service all at a competitive price.
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Specialized turning is a precision machine shop that offers precision machining, cnc machining, and many other custom and cnc machining services. We deliver on time, to specification and fit for use all at a competitive price.

Specialized Turning, Incorporated.
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