Implementing the Toyoda Production System

Specialized Turning has been awarded a $48,950 grant to employ certain tools and methods for implementing the Toyoda Production System and Lean Manufacturing. This project is funded by a Workforce Training Fund grant through the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Executive Office of Labor and Workforce Development. The grant program is administered by the Commonwealth Corporation.

Specialized Turning will focus primarily on set Up Reduction Techniques, Implementing SPC and Statistical Methods, Total Productive Maintenance, Problem Solving, Demand Pull Techniques along with other vital improvement tools. Employees will train over a 2-year period in a series of 22 predetermined workshops and on-the floor training activities.

The Company has chosen to partner with the Greater Boston Manufacturing Partnership Group. GBMP is a non-profit corporation that has worked with hundreds of companies, providing suggestions and solutions resulting in millions in cost savings and increased sales. Each year GBMP trains over 7000 people on Continuous Improvement principles through customized, on-site classroom and shop-floor training sessions and educates over 1000 more people in public workshops, plant tours and other educational and networking events.

Chip Holm, Owner, commented on the grant “I am excited about the opportunity about to embark on this journey and the prospect it allows for Specialized Turning to offer the most value to its customers. I know our workforce is culturally ready for this commitment and they recognize the security that it brings to their employment and the Company’s long term wellbeing. As customers continue to flow down more requirements with inventory, pricing and delivery metrics, implementation and application of these tools on a daily basis supports our mutual long term interests.”

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